Health Insurance Options for Expat Living in India

India does not provide any health coverage to its citizens. Certain government hospitals do provide treatment at the taxpayer’s expense and also offer drugs free of charge, but these should be avoided by expats as they are probably dirty, overcrowded, and of low quality. You will most certainly have to opt for private medical coverage. You must check with your employer to verify if they will cover your health expenses in India, as only some companies in India do provide health coverage. If your employer does not provide insurance for you and/or your family, then you should try to find a good international health insurance plan that will provide you with protection in India, even before you move.

Obtaining health insurance is pretty straightforward, and usually requires only submitting a form (and, occasionally, photos). Insurance rates vary widely depending on the number of family members, extent of coverage, age, and medical history. The following companies will provide you a free quote based on your needs.

  • Expat Financial extends excellent health coverage benefits to India. You have to fill out a form on their website and they will provide you with a quote based on your needs.
  • Cigna is another independent insurance broker offering free quotes and advice to the expat community in India.
  • You can also get a quote for international health coverage via our site by completing a simple form: 

Note that some types of insurance (including that provided by employers) only provide coverage if you are hospitalised for a period of 24 hours or longer, so it’s important to check your policy regulations carefully before applying.