Permanent Accommodation Guide

The types of accommodation available in Delhi ranges from small studio apartments to ultra-luxurious mansions.

Apartments: Also called ‘flats’, apartments are occupied mostly by middle and upper middle class people and can be found in almost all the prime localities of Delhi. The security of these apartments or flats is higher than of individual houses, as there is a watchman employed by the society maintained by the residents.

Bungalows and Villas: Villas and bungalow are limited and expensive. The newer ones have modern amenities and are constructed keeping the international community in mind. A bungalow or a villa in Delhi will usually have four or more bedrooms. They are usually found in gated communities and have high security.

Condominiums: Condominiums are known as “flats’ that are registered as “co-operative housing society”. The owners actually have a share of the co-op and not the actual real estate itself. Owners can sell the “share” in the open market, but they must receive approval from the co-op to complete the transaction.

Duplexes: Two-level houses with the halls/living/dining areas and a guest room on the lower level and bedrooms with an attached bathroom on the upper level.

Individual Houses: These are smaller in size compared to bungalows and villas and may have less than four bedrooms. The security factor of these individual houses depends mainly on the location as well as its construction style.

Paying Guest Accommodations (PGs): Single, or sometimes shared, rooms with semi-private bathrooms. Most are single-sex. PGs are popular with students and meal plans are often included in the rent.

Studio apartments: Is a term used for a one room-apartment with a bathroom, which may or may not have a kitchen.