Depending on where you go, beauty services can be very inexpensive, making it one of the best values in Beijing. Spas here usually include massage services, facial services, manicures and pedicures and all kinds of pampering. Facilities can range from clean and basic to luxurious and expensive at the international hotel chains where English speaking staff can help with any need.

Most people opt for the mid-tier spas which cater to expats and higher income locals. The mid-tier spas listed below often have someone on staff who can speak basic English to help translate as necessary. Discount packages are available at spas and hair salons, as are VIP and membership cards, making a great bargain even better. Local women of a certain income regularly get their hair done and visit the spas for massages and treatments.

You will rarely see a female hair dresser in Beijing. Almost all are men who take their craft seriously, almost treating it as an art form. Because of that, however, you will often need to be very specific about what you want and don’t want at many salons since some hairdressers may tend to get “creative”. There is also no tipping expected at hair salons.

Low to mid-tier hair salons around your neighborhood can usually do a decent job at very low prices (40-100 RMB a haircut including wash/dry/style) if you tell them exactly what you want/don’t want or have a photo to show them. However, they will likely not have any English speaking staff. The higher-end salons will have at least some English speaking staff and are most used to cutting western hairstyles and working with non-Asian hair.

Higher-end Salons

  • Eric Paris Hair Salons: With seven Beijing locations, this salon targets high-end consumers with luxury hair and beauty services, and prices to match. Conditioning treatment for dry hair starts at 220 RMB.
  • Toni & Guy: British international hair salon provides high-quality hairdressing services, using high end products, techniques and the latest technology. Haircuts range from 80-380 RMB.

Higher-end Spas

  • Heavenly Spa by Westin: East-meets-West style of spa therapy stocking award-winning Comfort Zone spa products. The Westin Wonder combines traditonal Chinese massage techniques with essential aromatic oils, starting at 850 RMB for 2 hours.
  • Quan Spa at the JW Marriott: Quan Spa promises dramatic décor and upscale pampering with services like the Relaxing Ocean Body Wrap starting at 750 RMB for 80 minutes.

Mid-tier Spas

  • Dragonfly. With at least four locations in the city, this popular chain of spas offers massages, nail care, waxing, and more. Shiatsu, Chinese and foot massages start at 135 RMB per hour.
  • Oriental Taipan Massage and Spa. Six locations in the city offering private rooms, all kinds of massages, body and facial wraps and treatments, nail care, and more. A one-stop place for a relaxing time of pampering, this chain serves free food and drink that can be ordered from a small menu in each room. 90-minutes of foot massage start at 138 RMB per hour. Ask about specials and discounts.