Beijing preview


Although many road signs are in English as well as Chinese, the vast majority of the local population speaks only Chinese. In order to have a good experience in Beijing, it is best to learn some Chinese. Even a few key phrases and words will go a long way in making life more bearable. English will not be enough unless you intend on always having a translator with you or not leaving your international complex.

Many expats take at least part-time Chinese classes or have Chinese-language tutors who come to their workplace or to their homes a few times a week. Chinese is not easy to learn, but it is definitely doable! It may take just a few weeks to learn a few standard phrases for directions and locations, which will help immensely when traveling in a taxi. After a couple of months, you will have built upon your vocabulary and will be more comfortable using memorized phrases and words to get around. Learning to read and write is usually not…