Hyper/Supermarket Chains in Beijing

Please note that it is a good idea to bring your own shopping bags when grocery shopping since supermarkets and shops must now charge for plastic bags.

Chinese supermarket chains:

Jinkelong: This Chinese chain of large grocery stores has prices lower than that of Carrefour or Walmart. Located all over the city (about 30 stores city-wide), Jinkelong is great for the basics like eggs, milk, etc. However, do not expect to find any imported food here. http://www.jkl.com.cn/en/aboutus/langfang.html , 8:30AM-10:30PM (varies by location)

CarreFour: French hypermarket chain with at least seven locations throughout the city offering Chinese-style groceries (meat, produce, general groceries, electronics, and general goods) as well as a vast selection of imported wine, cheese, coffee, canned goods, and more. Prices are moderate and generally lower than the smaller western-style supermarkets. Popular with the local population, CarreFour outlets are extremely busy on the weekends. 8:30AM-10:30PM (varies by location)

Walmart: American hypermarket chain with at least four locations throughout the city offering Chinese groceries, produce, meat, fresh fish, general goods, electronics, and more. Imported section includes wine, some cereal brands, pasta sauce, olive oil, canned foods, and other general imported items. Prices for Chinese goods are low, but imported goods are expensive. http://www.wal-martchina.com/english/index.htm 8:30AM-10:30PM (varies by location)

Jenny Lou’s: This originally British but now American/British grocery stocks many familiar items from the west. Cereal, snacks, baking supplies, canned goods, deli cheese and meats, spices, and more adorn the shelves of these smaller grocery stores. A selection of fresh produce and meat is also available, although it is best used for its imported dry good products.