List of Hyper Supermarket chains in Barcelona.

  • Caprabo
    With stores across Barcelona, this large store chain sells all kinds of groceries as well as electronics, bedding, shoes, clothes and so on. It is mid-priced (cheaper than the rest of the EU and about medium for Spain), although if you snag a membership card, you become eligible for great discounts and in-store promotions. Also, having a membership card allows for free delivery of groceries to the home. Caprabo also allows its customers to place on-line orders for home delivery, which is extremely helpful when you don’t have the time or will to go out and deal with the crowd at the supermarket.
    Carrefour supermarket chain also have locations across Barcelona with food, technology, home, travel and telecommunication sections. Online shopping facility and store card available. Costs are on par with Caprabo.
    Branch at C/ Llacuna, 155, Barcelona.
    This supermarket associated with the Carrefour chain stocks groceries, dairy, meat, tinned, frozen and household items. There are ranches at various locations across Barcelona including Rambla 113, Barcelona. Quilez
    Traditional grocers selling cheeses, liquors, sweets and gourmet foods as well as a selection of Catalan specialities.
    Rambla Catalunya 63, Barcelona.
    A Catalan supermarket chain with selection of cheeses, meats, fresh olives, fruit and vegetables. Various locations in Barcelona at a mid-priced range.
    Supermarket chain supplying fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, tinned foodstuffs, frozen food, household equipment and more. Multiple locations. Low prices but not the highest quality. Corte Ingles
    Famous department store that has its own supermarket. El Cote de Ingles carries all the normal grocery items as well as specialized products that include an extended selection of veggie hamburgers, veggie chick nuggets, etc and an array of American-brand cereals. While the shopping is good, the prices are hefty.
    Placa de Catalunya 14, Barcelona.