Expat Bakery Guide

If you love bread, Barcelona is your kind of city. The bread shop, or “panaderia” is prevalent on almost every other city block. Locals will usually buy a baguette or “catalana” to be consumed with lunch and again with dinner, so these (almost always white) loaves are ubiquitous. You can buy them in some supermarkets (all supermarkets in Barcelona have their own bread oven to produce fresh baguettes) for €0.30 – €0.80 and in bakeries for around €1 each.If you prefer brown bread, you will be offered a wholemeal variety that will invariably contain whole seeds. Just ask for the “integral” option if you want to go seed-free.

If possible, try to stay away from packaged loaves sold in supermarkets. Although the bread is a good quality (the leading brand name of packaged bread is Bimbo, no joke), supermarkets in Barcelona often haven´t grasped the concept of throwing away a loaf at the end of the day and supermarket bread-buying can be a varied experience.

As for other baked goods, you need to be selective. While the corner bakeries and supermarkets offer up a selection of pastries and other goodies, they are not on par as the best bakeries in the city. For the real goods, check out the following places:

Calle Vallmajor, 31, Barcelona 08021
Bakery, sandwiches, ice cream and array of teas and coffees for sale
This is hands-down the best bakery and most exclusive in the city. It caters to high-end folks, but is worth every centimo, as the cakes are truly something to write home about.

Rambla de Catalunya, 102, Barcelona 08008
Bakery, lunch menu, sandwiches, finger foods, ice cream, chocolates, etc.
This is one of the city’s oldest and most beautiful bakeries and delis. They take their pastries very seriously, and while they may run on the pricier side, you will not be disappointed!

Gran Via 546, Barcelona, Spain
Bakery, Delicatessen, Dessert, Sandwiches
This is a combination bakery/cafe/restaurant and their breads are beautifully made. The coffee´s not too bad either.

Rambla Catalunya 119, Barcelona 08008, Spain
Gorgeous breads and pastries but try not to go in the busy times in the middle of the day. The staff can be pretty terse. Ask for the wholemeal croissant (croissant integrale).

American Style Bakeries

Cup and Cake
Enric Granados, 145, Barcelona
If you are craving a “real” American style cupcake, this is the place to go. A variety of cup cakes await you at this sweet-tooth haven. The location is an added bonus.

The Fabulous Baking Company
Bisbe Sivilla, 48, Barcelona
Walking into this bakery is like walking into a true baker’s paradise. Mouth-watering cupcakes, cookies and cakes await you inside. They also offer a set lunch menu, the latest in baking products for sale and classes.