Wine and spirits expat guide Barcelona

Locals are very comfortable with wine and spirits consumption and the sound of Cava corks can be heard every weekend lunchtime. Restaurants’ Menus Del Dia routinely include a free serving of alcohol (wine or beer) at lunchtime and children are offered diluted glasses of whatever their parents are drinking. Barcelona isn´t really known for its beers, so stick to the favoured local brands like Estrella or San Miguel and you will be fine. Wines, however, are another story. Without doubt Catalunya is one of the best places in the world to be for wines.

From world-famous Cava (sparkling wine made using the Methode Champenoise), of which 95 per cent is produced in Catalunya to the rich reds and crisp whites, wine-drinking in Barcelona is cheap, pleasurable and very, very social. As the Barcelona natives tend to be a little more conservative than their more boisterous Southern cousins, it is not common for people to drink on the streets, in parks or at the beach. This does not mean it is prohibited, though, so do feel free to buy a bottle and take a picnic to the shoreline.

Wines are not heavily taxed in Catalunya – they are seen more as a human right than a luxury – and so you can buy a respectable bottle of Cava Brut for as little as €2. If you are really in the mood to splash out, houses like Cordoniu and Frexeinet can offer you special occasion bottles for upwards of €300 but the average price you can expect to pay (for a good quality bottle of bubbly) is about €8. You can buy wine from supermarkets or one of hundreds of specialised alcohol stores. Unlike other countries, alcohol is not sold in convenience stores.

Listed below are some wine suppliers to note (the listed options sell online) but if you really want to experience wine shopping at its best, visit La Fuente. With six locations to choose from, the best store, in our opinion, is the one located at C/ Johann Sebastian Bach, 20. The staff are extremely helpful and attentive and the selection and pricing are the best in Barcelona.