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Domestic Help

Part-time, full-time or live-in domestic help are all available in Barcelona, with live-out cleaners and childcare the most commonly used services. Because these are relatively inexpensive compared to other western countries, they’re extremely common among expats and are essential to most local households. Rates vary, but between €7 - €12 an hour for child care and cleaning is more or less the average.

Many domestic helpers advertise locally in shops, supermarkets, telephone poles and small free papers. There are an abundance of (usually) middle-aged women who are earning extra money by keeping house for other families. These are almost always fast, inexpensive and reliable. Of course, word of mouth is a reliable way to find qualified candidates so be sure to ask colleagues or neighbors for their recommendations.

Another option is the online portal, Loquo, where domestic helpers will place ads such as:

"Experienced hard working young women is offering…