Barcelona preview


Barcelona embodies architecture, art and design as can be evidenced in its buildings and city layout. From the romantic structures in the Barrio Gotico, to the beauty of Gaudi's modern works, it is easy to understand why so many foreigners choose to make this city home.

Like the rest of the world, the bottom has dropped out of the Spanish real estate market. There are far more sellers than buyers and the bubble burst long enough ago that the effect has trickled down to the renter as well. How long this relief for home-buyers and renters will last is anyone's guess, but with the current mood, it looks like it will be around for at least the next twelve months.

This is good news for buyers, although it may be more difficult to obtain a Spanish mortgage (even with permanent resident status) as banks and other lending institutions are becoming more cautious and reluctant to lend. It´s also great news for renters as leases in Barcelona …