International Schools information and list along with fees and curriculum for expats living in Beijing.

Name Website / contact details Curriculum Cost
St Peters Spanish €12,000 annually. Includes teaching, equipment and meals but not excursions or language classes if required.
Benjamin Franklin International School US €12,000 average per year
Collegi Europa International School Spanish €10,000 average per year
Oak House School UK €700 per month
The American School of Barcelona US curriculum in three languages (English, Catalan and Spanish) €10,000 per year (on average)
The British School of Barcelona UK €12,000 per year
Kensington School UK €10,000 average per year
St.Paul’s  UK €10,000 average per year
Santa Claus  UK €12,000 average per year
John Talabot UK €10,000 average per year
Lyceé Français de Barcelone French €10,000 average per year