Bringing Your Pet in Beijing

If an expat wants to bring a pet into China, he/she must adhere to the one-to-one rule: one pet per passport holder. Also, only Z Visa holders can bring pets into the country.

Before boarding your flight, please make sure you speak with your pet’s veterinarian and inquire about specific export rules for your country. If you can, have a (simplified) Chinese translation made of the following documents. Though not required, it can make the process go more smoothly upon arrival in Beijing. The Chinese embassy in your country may be able to help, or provide details of a translator in your area.

  1. Rabies Vaccination Certificate: This certificate holds the information that all injections are up-to-date. All rabies vaccinations should be done at least one month prior to departure but not more than 12 months prior of departure date.
  2. Health Certificate/Letter from Veterinarian: A veterinarian in your home country should issue this letter/certificate attesting to the health of your pet. This document should be dated no more than 30 days prior to your departure. Obtain multiple copies as you may also need copies for the airline.
  3. Official Export Certificate from home country: This certificate is issued from a government office allowing you to export your pet outside of the country.

Upon arrival in China, declare your pet at the Customs Department. Take your pet, fees (about 1,000 RMB) and certificates to the Customs & Immigration Plant and Quarantine office at the airport located before the Customs exit. The certificates will be examined and customs will give you a stamped document allowing you to bring your pet into the country. Note that there is a mandatory 30 day quarantine period in a government-run facility. However, many owners who have used experienced moving/relocation companies or pet relocation companies have been able to avoid the lengthy quarantine stays, gaining reduced quarantine to under one-week or even overnight. Some were able to quarantine pets at home.

Registering a Dog

Dogs must be registered at the nearest Public Security Bureau. Bring your passport, resident registration certificate, your deed or rental contract, and for imported dogs, your quarantine certificate from Customs. You will also need two passport-sized photos of the dog and one of the owner. Registration fee is 1,000 RMB in the city and 200 RMB outside in the Shunyi suburbs. If you live in a compound in Shunyi, the management office can often register for you without your needing to go to the PSB.

Pet Relocation Companies

For those interested in Pet Relocation companies, please see list below:

Charles Feng – Globy Pet Relocation
Tel: (8610) 8762-5020
Toll Free: 40088-38011
Web site:

Kiki Chen – World Care Pet Transport
Pet & Household goods specialist
Tel: (8610) 8459-3008/2858
Cell: (86) 138-0110-2540
Web site:

Holly Fang- Asian Tigers
Tel: (8610) 6415-1188
Web site:

Alex Li- Asian Express Movers
Tel: (8610) 8580-1471
Mobile: (86) 139-1122-5825
Web site: