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It is not uncommon for Torontonians to plan a weekend getaway at a cottage or other retreats for much of the year. Many workers choose to take an extra day off around a weekend rather than a longer holiday, using the 3-4 day stretch to take a relaxing break away from the city.


Many Toronto residents own a cottage somewhere north of the city. Generally, cottages are available for rental from early summer onwards, and are usually closed after Thanksgiving. Cottages can be located along lakes or rivers, or merely somewhere picturesque and away from the city.

There are quite a few great towns in Ontario's Muskoka region that rent out cottages. A favorite city for many cottagers is Parry Sound Ontario. It's a beautiful town set in Thousand Islands region. Lakes stretch out from the central township, which are dotted with tons of little islands with cottages that provide a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Click the link for more info.

Cottage rentals can be found in the classifieds sections of any of the city newspapers. The following websites specialize in cottage rentals:

The cost of renting a cottage varies according to its location and furnishings. Expensive, luxurious cottages run at CDN $2,000 or more per week, while low-end, rustic cottages can be rented for a few hundred dollars a week. Rental costs are higher during the peak season (June-August), and more reasonable during the spring and fall.


A less expensive but still enjoyable alternative to renting a cottage is to go camping. There are many provincial and private campgrounds located withi…