Toronto preview


Canada is a very welcoming country that opens her borders to visitors from all over the world. Those wishing to simply visit Canada to have a look around should have very little trouble, provided they do not have a criminal record in their home country. Any stay that is longer than 90 days will require a visa (See "Types of Visas" for further information). A passport is required for everyone who wishes to enter the country.

When you arrive you will be met by a Canada Border Services Agency representative who will go through your paperwork and ensure that everything is in order. You may also be required to undergo an interview with an immigration official. In addition to your passport, it's a good idea to carry additional pieces of identification, such as a birth certificate, or other government issued ID, such as a driver's license, just in case you are asked for additonal proof of identification. Should you be traveling with kids, you will need to show proof of guardianship. If both parents are present, there are usually no problems, but if only one parent is present, a letter of permission to travel from the other parent must be presented.