Sydney preview


Sydney is a very child-friendly city, with many families who live here. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities for kids and playgrounds in every suburb. Playgrounds normally consist of a grassed area with, at the minimum, a small climbing frame, and for many, there are entire play areas around sand pits. This can be a very social place for all involved, and a great way to meet other kids and families.

For outdoor activities Sydney is filled with opportunities. Children as young as 4 can start in the "Nippers" which is a junior life saving initiative where kids have running races on the beach and learn beach safety as they go. This is fantastic for summer. Also on offer are junior hockey, netball, soccer, swimming and tennis camps for kids. Again this starts as young as 5 years old and is a great opportunity to meet others.

Indoor activities include soft play centres where children can run around and climb on indoor structures and rock climbing indoors. There are many community based arts and crafts centres which run affo…