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It is not uncommon for people that work long hours to hire a domestic helper to come in to regularly clean the home, do ironing and basic chores. Your arrangement can be weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. You can find a cleaner in your local newspaper, online or in the Yellow Pages. Occasionally you will find flyers in your mailbox as well. You can also advertise for a cleaner in your local paper or in Gumtree, which is a free classifieds website, similar to Craigslist. In addition, you may find a domestic helper by asking a colleague or neighbour if they can recommend someone.

It is uncommon to have a live-in helper but it does happen. Often they will work for reduced or free board, or they may be paid as well. It really depends on the amount of work they are required to do.

A number of larger companies can offer a very convenient one-stop…