Sydney preview


Sydney is a relatively safe city. Crime and accident rates are low. Road rules are enforced, cameras and security guards are a public transport feature, and the city is policed and dotted with CCTV. That said, it still pays to be careful. Robberies do occur and sadly, sometimes women are attacked. Use common sense, be alert and confident and the chances of being a victim is greatly minimized. The biggest risks for overseas visitors, in truth, are dangerous wildlife, the surf, and road safety on long road trips outside of Sydney.

Water Safety

Learning to survive in the water in Sydney is very important, as swimming is a big a part of the Sydney lifestyle. Rescues on Sydney beaches are mostly performed on foreigners who are not familiar with the surf. There are many swim schools in Sydney if you need lessons. Also, Sydney lifeguards are very approachable. You can ask them about rips and tows and how to swim out of them if you get caught. Swimming between the flags and on patrolled beaches reduces any risk, too. (See our section on Sports until Health and Beauty for a list of swimming pools that can give information on lessons).

Road Safety

Road accidents and fatalities do occur occasionally on long road trips outside of Sydney. Australia is such a large place that most road trips require at least a few hours driving. To get an idea, it takes around 12 hours to drive from Sydney to Melbourne. There are many 'Stop, Revive, Survive' stops on Australian highways. Run by volunteers, these road stops p…