Shanghai preview


Shanghai is one of the most modern and progressive cities in China, yet it will take 1-2 generations more before the citizens of Shanghai care for pets adequately. There are hundreds of thousands of stray cats and dogs in the city. When one is captured (usually a dog, since they are easier to catch), they are kept for 48 hours before they are put down.

As time passes and with education from the city’s vets and animal clubs, children and their parents will learn how to care for and train their pets. Proper food, inoculations, and care of pets are expensive in Shanghai. Costs are at least 25% higher here than in Western cities, especially the food and grooming services.

The percentage of Chinese locals with pets is far lower than that of the expat population, but is starting to grow since it’s perceived as another trend imported from Western countries. Pets are usually purchased for the family’s child, but the pet never obtains any training. This is one reason why dog bites are the …