Below are the 2015, 2016 and 2017 dates for which banks (and many other public services) are closed.

Le Jour de l’An (New Year’s Day)January 1January 1January 1
Le Lundi de Paques (Easter Monday)April 5April 18April 10
La Fete du Travail (Labor Day, May Day)May 1May 1May 1
La Fete de la Victoire en Europe (Victory in Europe 1945)May 8May 8May 8
La Fete de l’Ascension (Ascension Thursday)May 13May 26May 18
Pentecoste (Whit Monday)May 23June 5May 28
La Fete Nationale (Bastille Day)July 14July 14July 14
L’Assomption (Feast of the Assumption)August 15August 15August 15
La Toussaint (All Saints’ Day)November 1November 1November 1
L’Armistice 1918 (Armistice Day 1918)November 11November 11November 11
Noel (Christmas)December 25December 25December 25
St. Sylvestre (New Year’s Eve)December 31December 31December 31