New Yorkers love their pets and the city has many amenities for pet owners and their pets.

The Parks and Recreation Department which operates the city’s many parks and recreation centers also has created special dog runs at the city’s many parks. These dog runs are designated areas meant for exercising dogs – ( However, the city also stipulates a code of conduct for dog owners in New York City which states that dog owners have to clean up after their dogs or they can be subject to a fine of $250. All these rules are available at (

Acquiring a dog

There are several ways to acquire a dog in New York City. You can obtain one directly from a dog breeder (many of them advertise online at websites like Craigslist ( or you could acquire one from a pet store like Parrots and Pups which acquires its dogs from recognized breeders or even from one of the many animal shelters (see ASPCA under Organizations for Pets) that are located throughout the city.

  • Parrots and Pups
    45, Christopher Street, New York, NY 10014
    Phone:+1 212 352 8777
  • American Kennels ( – American Kennels not only offers dogs and cats for sale but also offers grooming services in New York City.
    798 Lexington Avenue, at 62nd Street East, New York, NY 10065
    Phone:+1 212 838 8468


There are several institutions located all over New York City that offer grooming, doggy daycare and boarding services for pets in the city. Some of these are:

  • Biscuits and Bath ( ) which has several locations though out the city and offers dog walking, training, grooming and even dog adoptions as a part of its services.
  • City PetCare Inc ( which also offers dog walking, grooming, animal sitting and cageless boarding in all the five boroughs of New York City.
  • Petaholics ( is yet another organization that offers dog walking and sitting services for all kinds of pets in Manhattan.

Organizations for Pets

  • The American Kennel Club ( is an organization which provides a whole host of services and information for dog owners. It also operates a store which offers all sorts of products and toys that cater to dogs.
  • ASPCA ( is an organization that endeavors to prevent cruelty to all animals. The New York Chapter of the ASPCA also offers medical treatment for small animals through the Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital which is located inside the ASPCA’s New York City headquartersat 424 East 92 Street in Manhattan. The ASPCA even has adoption facilities for both dogs and cats.

Pet Supplies

  • Petco ( Petco is a leading supplier of pet supplies and services in New York City. The chain has several outlets in the city and even offers adoption services.
  • Trixie and Peanut In a city where even the dogs like to be well groomed, the Trixie and Peanut store offers designer togs for the pampered pooch.