New York City is well served by a public ambulance service, called EMS, which is manned by skilled Emergency Medical Technicians who are well versed in emergency procedures though you have to pay a fee for assistance. If you need to call an ambulance in an emergency you should call the city emergency hotline 911 and ask an operator for help. The operator will need details of the emergency in order to inform the police or fire department and will also need your address if an ambulance is needed at the site.

Non emergency ambulance services are provided by several private operators who employ trained personnel to man these services. These providers often charge hefty prices for their services.

Some of these providers are:

  • D&J Ambulette Services,(
    2622 Chesbrough Avenue
    Bronx, NY 10461
    Phone:+1 718 828 9800
  • Midwood Ambulance Service
    2593 West 13th Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11223
    Phone:+1 718645100
    Provides services in Spanish and Russian in addition to English
  • Transcare (
    5811 Foster Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11234
    Phone: + 1718-763-8888
    Fax: + 1 718-209-1381