Odd Jobs Guide New York City

Before you try to hire a general handyman or contractor in New York City to perform small maintenance or repair jobs in your apartment or home you have to ensure that the handyman or independent general contractor is licensed and insured.

New York City regulations require all independent contractors and handyman to have a license, the details of which are available at (http://www.nyc.gov/). Further they are also required to have insurance. If there is any damage to the apartment building’s property or even your property during the course of your home repairs or improvements, these will be covered by this insurance. The cost and risk of hiring a non-insured person is simply too great and should be avoided.

Additionally, most apartment buildings in New York City have a live-in superintendent who usually is able to handle small jobs in a particular apartment, so instead of rushing about to find a contractor you should try and tap the resources that are available in your apartment building itself.

Many independent contractors put up flyers at bus stops in various neighborhoods advertising their services and contact details but before you opt to hire such a contractor you should check his/her credentials and also ask for references. You could also ask your apartment building’s doorman to suggest names of independent contractors who they know and are familiar with and even use popular classified sites like (http://www.craigslist.org) and and (http://www.backpage.com) (the online classified site of the Village Voice newspaper) to find your handyman or contractor.

Some licensed and insured contractors in New York City:

Handyman Neighbor: ( http://www.handymanneighbor.com/)

Akk Contracting: (http://www.akkcontracting.com/)