Baby-Sitters guide in New York City

You can expect to pay in the range of $15 to $18 for an hour of baby-sitters in New York City. Most baby-sitters speak English, though many also speak other languages like Spanish. There are several sources for babysitting services in New York City. Some of these are :

  • The Baby Sitters’ Guild ( – The baby-sitters provided by the Baby Sitters’ Guild agency speak as many 16 languages. Tel: + 1 212 682 0227, Fax: +1 212 687 4660, Email:
  • Sitter Studio ( is a baby-sitting service which is manned by artists and performers. The service also can be contacted on the phone at + 1 646 246 6024.
  • Many moms in New York City even search for baby-sitters on the job boards of the popular classified website (The New York city edition) under the general labor section.
  • The Parents League of New York – ( – The bulletin boards of the Parents League of New York, which is a nonprofit organization affiliated with over 300 independent schools in New York City, also often has postings for baby-sitters. Phone: + 1 212 737 7385, Fax: + 1212 737 7389
  • Baby-sitter postings are usually also put up at the bulletin boards that located in the offices of popular pediatricians.