Melbourne preview


Melbourne is is the capital of the state of Victoria, Australia.

It has a rich history as well as cultural diversity and is often referred to as Australia's "European" city, for its architecture, style and sophistication.

Australia is a relatively young country and although Melbourne has the grace and charm of older and more established cities, she retains the cheekiness and exuberance of youth. The majority of Melbourne tourism information focuses on sports, theatre and the arts when extolling the virtues of Melbourne, but there is much more to the city than these traditional pastimes.

Melbourne has a well-developed live music scene and her arts community is not limited to the classics – street art, in the form of graffiti and other subversive installations live comfortably in her streets. Much of this is supported by the Melbourne City Council, who are slowly recognising the international credibility of Melbourne´s street artists, musicians and painters.