Guide on Life at School in Hanoi

Children tend to adapt to cultural differences quicker than their parents and though transitions naturally pose some challenges, the structures and routines of a school environment tend to facilitate adjustments.

International schools will outline a dress code for students, with elementary and middle school studenst typically but not always required to wear a uniform. A separate uniform for PE classes and sport activities is the standard as well. Students generally travel to and from school with bookbags. All meals, snacks and break times are structured by individual schools. Children, if not directly dropped off and picked up by parents, will be picked up by a school bus provided by the school. Teachers at international schools are selected from a competitive pool of applicants and relationships with students are of great importance. Every school will have a slightly different attendance policy and quality of medical care on campus.

In general, the international schools in Hanoi uphold international standards and parents need only worry about the things that parents worry about everywhere in the world with regards to their children’s education.