Guide on Baby Sitters in Hanoi

Baby-sitting, like other domestic help, is almost exclusively handled by Vietnamese in Hanoi. Some western expats also provide baby-sitting service, at a much higher cost than locals–about $20/hour, the same rate that English teaching pays. There is no agency for expat help–ask friends or colleagues for recommendations, and check the bulletin boards at schools, western cafes and restaurants, and at western grocery stores like L’s Place.

English-speaking babysitters also post listings in the classified section of the New Hanoian website:

Local baby-sitting help will cost just a few dollars a day or evening, and can be arranged through the following agencies. Staff at these agencies speak fluent English, and English-speaking baby-sitters are available at a slightly higher cost than Vietnamese-only help.

Hoa Sua
28A Ha Hoi, Tel: 043 942 4448

Maid in Vietnam Co., Ltd.
34 Xuan Dieu, Tel: 043 718 3112