Education System in Hanoi

The education system in Vietnam consists of five different levels over the course of 12 years. One year of preschool (three to six years old), five years of primary school (six to 11 years old), three years of secondary school (11-15 years old), three years of high school (15- 18 years old) and the option of higher education. Most students attend formal school for half of the day and supplement the other half of their learning day with tutoring sessions and extracurricular activities, which are highly promoted.

Students must take the Intermediate Graduation Examination (IGE) as a prerequisite for entering secondary school. Upon the completion of grade 12, students take a Leaving Examination in order to receive their diplomas. This test is administered by The Ministry of Education and Training.

Class size greatly depends on the kind of school a student attends, with public schools typically having much larger classes than the private or people-founded education establishments. In recent years, a greater emphasis is being placed on English language education.