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Expat Groups

There are several expat groups which provide a social network for families new to Dubai. Perhaps the most popular are:

Expat Woman
This very popular organization aims to help newcomers and long term residents get up-to-date information about life in the city, share advice and make friends. With 600 different events organized every year, this is one of the main networking organizations for women in Dubai.

Dubai International Women's Club
This club was set up over 40 years ago as The Petroleum Wives Club. As this name suggests, it was established by women whose husbands were working in the oil industry. Since the early days, it has grown and now attracts other expat women from over 40 different countries. The club meets regularly for activities such as bridge, mah-jong, and sewing. It is also an active supporter of many different welfare causes.
Tel: 04 344 2389

There are also a variety of expat groups organized according to nationalities. These include:

The American Women's Association
Founded in 1991, the American Women’s Association of Dubai and the Northern Emirates (AWA) has grown into an active network of expatriates from the United States. It organizes monthly meetings which include a breakfast buffet and guest speakers. Coffee mornings are also organized on the third Tuesday of every month to welcome newcomers to Dubai.
For more information, or to become a member, visit the association's website.

The Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA)
ANZA organizes coffee mornings, playgroups, mah jong games and craft and quilting groups. Unlike many other expat organizations, it claims that it is for everyone from Australia and New Zealand, not just women. The happy hours and other social functions are popular with men and women alike.

The Club for Canadians
This social club arranges events throughout the year to provide Cana``q`dians living in Dubai the chance to socialize, network, and take part in Canadian celebrations. It has a mix of male and female members.
Tel: 050 940 7537

The Dubai Caledonian Society
The Dubai Caledonian Society aims to bring a taste of Scotland to Dubai. It provides business and social networking for anyone with Scottish connections or interests. Popular events are organized throughout the year to raise funds for charities and celebrate the shared heritage of its members.
Tel: 050 275 2459

The Dubai Manx Society
This small society is run under the umbrella of the World Manx Association based in the Isle of Man. It aims to provide a social networking and support service to all Manxmen in the Emirate. Several events are organized throughout the year providing opportunities to 'exchange the skeet'.
Tel: 04 3943185

The Dubai Welsh Society
The society provides a social community for all Welsh people in Dubai. It also has close links with the British Consul and with many Welsh companies operating in the region. It organizes several social events throughout the year. This includes the St David's Day Ball, quiz nights, concerts and comedy events. It also raises money to support charities, both in the UAE and back in Wales.

The German Women's Club
Membership is open to all German speakers. Regular meetings are held catering to individual interests, including computer classes, meetings for moms & kids, investment and stock market analysis, gardening and handicrafts. Monthly coffee mornings are held every first Sunday of the month at the Magnolia Restaurant - Al Qasr at 9.30 a.m.

The South African Women's Association
This association serves all South African women, working and non-working, who live in Dubai. It organizes various networking and socialising events throughou…