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Thefts and burglaries

The UAE has a reputation for a low crime rate. However, that situation is gradually changing as the city grows. People still leave doors unlocked, go shopping with handbags gaping open and leave cars running and unlocked when they pop to the shops or pick up their kids from school. However, the unlucky few are finding that things do get stolen. Thieves seem to be targeting wealthy expats. Money is being stolen from the unlocked cars in the car parks of private schools, villas with no alarm systems are being broken into during the summer months when the residents are away on holiday, and pick pockets have begun frequenting the many malls. With a few precautions, most of which you would take in any country, many of these crimes could be avoided. However, many of the expats who have been in the area for a long time seem reluctant to change their ways.

Violent crimes

Although thefts and burglaries seem to be on the increase, crime against individuals is extremely rare. Most violent crimes occur within the local community and rarely spill over into the expat community. Violent crimes which do occur in the expat community are usually business related, incidents of domestic violence, or targeted attacks on specif…