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Top ten relocation challenges for international companies revealed

New research has shown that North America (51%) has moved into first place as the region most critical to future business success, narrowly edging out last-year’s top-ranked…. Read More

Rising rents in Dubai start to outpace allowances

While rents in Hong Kong and Singapore fall, Dubai has joined Bangkok with rents increasing on average 15% in the last year. As the central bank has imposed tighter restrictions on mortgages…. Read More

UAE based expats like to live it up

Recent research produced by the insurance group Standard Life has found that the majority western expats based in the UAE tend to spend part of their income on ‘luxurious lifestyle choices’…. Read More

Expatriates in Dubai Shocked as Raped Norwegian is Handed a 16-Month Jail Sentence

Expatriates throughout Dubai and surrounding areas have been shocked by the news that a Norwegian woman who was raped during a business visit to Dubai has herself been handed…. Read More

Are Dubai Expats are Paying too Much for Health Care

According to the Dubai Health Authority, many expatriates living in Dubai have been scammed by their health care providers having been told that they suffer from illnesses they do not have, been…. Read More

Expats Throughout the World Face Higher Rental Prices

New research by residential and commercial property consultants Knight Frank indicates that many major cities throughout the world are seeing a surge in the prices associated with rental…. Read More

New Process Allows Dubai Expats to Settle Debts at the Airport

Expatriates who leave Dubai will now be required to hand their passports and credit cards over at the airport before departing the country in order to verify that they do not have any…. Read More

Western Expats Paid More in the UAE

A recent survey by Gulf Business magazine revealed that the average salary earned by chief executives who run worldwide companies in the UAE is approximately $35,000 USD per …. Read More

Expats Return to Dubai After Disappointing Spell at Home

Many European expats who returned home after living in Dubai are now relocating back to the Emirate having found that life back home is much harder than they remembered…. Read More

UAE to Limit Expat Mortgages at 50%

The UAE Central Bank has announced that they will now limit mortgage loans for foreigners who wish to buy property in the region to a maximum of 50 percent of the property’s…. Read More

Expats Find it Difficult to Raise Children in the Middle East

Of all the popular expatriate destinations throughout the world, it is the Middle Eats that presents the biggest challenges when it comes to raising…. Read More

Younger Expats Target the Middle East for Relocation

A new research report has indicated that the younger generation of expatriates favors the Middle East for their target relocation…. Read More

Authorities in Dubai Consider Expat Pension Scheme

According to officials from the emirate, the government has recently carried out a feasibility study of a potential expatriate-targeted pension fund and may launch it as early as the end…. Read More

New Research Reveals That Asia has the Wealthiest Expats

According to the fifth Expat Explorer, which was released by HSBC last week, over half of the people surveyed in Singapore (54 percent) claimed to earn more than $200,000 USD per year…. Read More

Expats Need to do More Research Before Relocating to the UAE

A new survey has revealed that up to 50% of expatriates who relocate to the United Arab Emirates face serious problems because they have fail to adequately prepare for their move to the…. Read More

New Visa Renewal Process Angers Expats in the UAE

New visa renewal rules that require expatriates in the United Arab Emirates to submit a copy of their housing rent contract has angered expatriates living throughout the…. Read More

Expats Are Urged to Respect UAE Dress Culture

Over the years the press in Dubai has been filled with horror stories of expats and visitors to the United Arab Emirates behaving badly. Perhaps one of the most famous incidents of all…. Read More

Are Expats in Dubai at Risk of Marriage Breakdowns

Figures released by the Dubai Statistics Centre last week indicate that divorce among foreigners living in the emirate have risen by almost a third since 2009…. Read More

Dubai Expats: Are You Ignorant

According to a new piece of research, expatriates living in the UAE are ‘ignorant of local culture’ and do not have an adequate understanding of the traditions and customs that the…. Read More

Saudi Arabia to Introduce Outward Remittance Limit

The Arabian government has announced plans to limit the amount of money expatriates living and working in the country are permitted to send outside of the country amid concerns…. Read More

Dubai Expatriates May be Offered Quit Smoking Help

According to newspaper reports in the region, the Ministry of Health in Dubai is contemplating providing expatriates with subsidized treatment at smoking cessation clinics in…. Read More

Expatriates Warned of the Need to Respect Ramadan Customs

This week Muslims throughout the world began Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting that requires Muslims to refrain from eating, drinking, smoking and engaging in intimate…. Read More

UAE Announces Expat Visa Rule Changes

The laws and regulations governing expats’ work visa renewal in the UAE are to be changed in order to prevent foreign workers from changing jobs without a no-objections…. Read More

Dubai Expats No Longer Entitled to Free Cancer Care

Dubai expats are being told to check their health insurance policies after it was announced that the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) will no longer be providing free…. Read More

UAE to Limit Influx of Unskilled Labor

In a bid to balance the current demographic disparities of expatriates versus locals in the UAE, the Federal Cabinet have announced plans to limit the amount of…. Read More

New Medical Tests to be Administered to Potential UAE Expats

The Ministry of Health in Dubai has announced plans to introduce new medical check-up requirements for individuals who are considering moving to Dubai…. Read More

Dubai Expats Told: Don’t Fear The Police

The Dubai police chief yesterday appealed to expatriates to trust the authorities and continue to be aware of the requirement to report crimes. Speaking at the Forum for…. Read More

Expat Population in UAE Approaches 90%

Despite a slowing economy, the expat population in the UAE has reached almost 90% over the last three years according to figures released by the National Bureau of…. Read More

Qatar Contemplates Permanent Residency for Expats

Qatar will soon be considering granting expats the right to permanent residency if they meet “pre-determined criteria,” the Qatar National Development Strategy…. Read More

Dubai Chamber Fights Back Against New Visa Rules

The Dubai Chamber is currently planning to attempt to overthrow the new residence visa rules, which have reduced expat visas from three years to…. Read More

Expats Urged to Leave Bahrain

Alongside governments all over the world the US Department of State has urged all expats living in Bahrain to leave the country at the nearest opportunity. Expats living in…. Read More

TB Tests Continue to be Applied to Abu Dhabi Expats

Expats living in Abu Dhabi are still being required to undergo tests for TB when renewing their residency visas, despite the fact that it is no longer required by…. Read More

Expats in Bahrain Face Uncertain Times

Expats in Bahrain are facing uncertain times as the violence between police and protestors continues in the region. Monday saw the “day of rage” and the death…. Read More

Dubai Expats: Could Your Facebook Activity Land You in Jail

Recent reports from Dubai indicate that it could. According to news reports, Businesswoman Amarjit Kaur Dhadli, 44, is facing charges in the emirate as a result…. Read More

Should Expats Living in Dubai be Insulted

The chief of police in Dubai recently called for the introduction of a quota system to control the numbers of expatriates living and working within the emirate. Unfortunately,…. Read More

Expat Retirement Age in UAE Raised From 60 to 65

Expats living in the UAE will be able to secure visas up to the age of 65 years as a result of new labor laws. The Ministry of Labor in the United Arab Emirates revealed…. Read More

Helpline for Indian Expats Established in the UAE

Indian expatriates have been extended a new lifeline, in the form of a dedicated helpline. The helpline of the Indian Workers’ Resource Centre, which can be accessed…. Read More

Why Expats in the UAE Really Need a Will

Expats Should Have a Will When Living in the UAE Expats in the UAE are being warned of the risks of failing to draft a legally binding will after concerns were raised regarding…. Read More

Expats Drive Retail Sales in the UAE

According to forecasts from the Business Monitor International (BMI), the United Arab Emirates could see a 30% increase in retail sales by 2014 as a result of increased…. Read More

Dubai Expat Sponsorship Laws Relaxed

Many expatriates in Dubai are celebrating the fact that a change in the law means that they will now be able to sponsor their family. According to reports in the region…. Read More

HSBC Expat Explorer: Russian Expats are the Wealthiest in the World

HSBC Expat Explorer results have been released and if you’re considering moving overseas with the objective of accumulating wealth then Russia may just be the place…. Read More

Work visa Dubai: medical screening requirements to change

Work visa Dubai requirements are changing according to reports in the region. Expats in Dubai were told this week that health check requirements will be…. Read More

Expat power 50 list named

Expat power 50. A list of the most influential expatriates working within the GCC compiled by Arabian Business magazine was released yesterday. The list,…. Read More

Expat news roundup 13th August

Expat news roundup of all the news impacting expatriates this week. What’s been happening near you? Expat news Dubai Expats warned of the risk of eating…. Read More

Expat news roundup 6th August

Expat news roundup of all the news impacting expatriates this week. What’s been happening near you? Australian Expats Thousands of Australians abroad set to…. Read More

Expats in UAE angered by Blackberry ban

The United Arab Emirates telecommunications regulator has announced that it will suspend all email and Internet browsing services for RIM BackBerry from October…. Read More

New Zealand embassy to open in the UAE

Expatriates from New Zealand who are currently based within the United Arab Emirates have been delighted by news that a new embassy is to open in Abu Dhabi…. Read More

Dubai expats lose appeal

The Dubai appeal court has upheld the one-month prison sentence given to a British expat who was charged with kissing in public last November. Earlier this year we…. Read More

Expatriates living in Dubai can expect cheaper rental prices in 2010

Expatriates living in the Dubai region are hopeful that they may benefit from reductions in house rentals in 2010, the Economic Times reports. As current rental contracts…. Read More

United Arab Emirates Expat Population at an all time high

According to reports issued in Dubai newspapers this week, the population in the United Arab Emirates has now reached over six million people as a result of the rapidly…. Read More

Britons face losing savings as Dubai property market collapses

An article from The Telegraph Online discussing how the property market in Dubai has crashed and left many people, but mainly Britons, in severe financial crisis because…. Read More

Expats driven down by debt in Dubai

The Times Online has published this article which describes how quickly riches can turn to rags in expat communities. Dubai has been very badly hit by the credit crunch…. Read More

Expat Compensation Packages Remain High in the Middle East: But for how Long

According to a new survey by, 35% of expatriate workers in the Middle East remain on special expat packages and 21.6% of those surveyed claim they earn more money as expats…. Read More