Dubai preview


Dubai is fast building a reputation as one of the main centers of entertainment in the Middle East, if not the world. There is a wide variety of sporting events, concerts, shows and festivals that attract some of the biggest names in sport and entertainment from all over the world.

This phenomenon continues to grow despite the slowing down of the economy. There is a plentiful range of diverse attractions and events to suit nearly everyone. Whatever your age, nationality and interests, Dubai will have a range of different options to keep you entertained. As with much of Dubai, you may find yourself spoiled for choice.

The social calendar for a typical year includes regular festivals and sporting events. These include music festivals, motor shows, a literature festival, an international film festival horse racing, motor racing, golf tournaments, tennis championships and football and rugby matches. These all attract the top names and are very well attended.

In the past, expats would travel abroad for entertainment. Today, the entertainment will come to you. You can find popular singers and musical artists from the East and West, actors and entertainers from Hollywood to Bollywood and many places in between, and sports stars from everywhere that sport is played all seem to come to Dubai. There are also local entertainers who come mainly from the expat community. These have a growing and faithful following.