Dubai preview


Dubai has been called a shopper’s paradise with people traveling from all over the world to experience the luxurious shopping malls, the diverse range of goods, the choice of brands, the cutting-edge fashions, and the unexpectedly low prices. Whether you wind your way through the bustling streets of the traditional souks, or wander through the spacious interiors of the modern shopping malls, you will realize why the city has gained its reputation as a shopping capital. English is the language of commerce and this makes shopping a trouble-free experience for all expats in the city. The only problem that you may experience is that you are overwhelmed by the choices.

There is even a shopping festival that is held around February every year. Shopping is celebrated with firework displays, laser shows, music concerts, fashion shows, street performances, and daily raffles for electronic items, cars and even houses. During the shopping festival, the city buzzes with excitement and there is such an array of different types of entertainment that it’s easy to forget that the festival is really about shopping.