Doctors and Hospitals Guide


Dubai is fast becoming an international center for health tourism. People travel here from around the region, attracted by the high standard of hospitals, clinics and doctors.

All doctors who are practicing in Dubai have been approved by the Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS). Their medical qualifications and employment history will have been checked. This allows patients to feel a high degree of confidence in undergoing any medical treatment in Dubai. Indeed, many doctors have medical qualifications from leading Western institutions.

Nearly all doctors and nurses speak impeccable English, even those in the government hospitals. If you want to see a doctor who speaks a language other than English, you should contact your local consulate. They keep lists of their nationals who are practicing medicine in the city.

Many doctors are attached to a particular hospital or clinic. However, some specialists work in several different hospitals and clinics. These specialists are normally in great demand and the waiting time for an appointment may be quite long. This is in contrast to the majority of doctors who you should be able to get an appointment to see within one or two days.

House Calls

If you feel that you need a doctor to make a house call, contact your local clinic who may be able to arrange for a doctor to visit you. Be aware that your insurance company may not pay the extra surcharge for the call out. Alternatively, you can contact Health Call (, tel: 04 363 5343) who specialize in house and office visits.