Getting a Local Driving License in Delhi

If you have a valid International Driver’s License, you do not need to apply for a local one for the first year of your stay in India (or at all, if you leave the county at least once per year). This is the much easier option and most expats don’t bother going through the process of getting a local license.

If you plan to reside in India for an extended period and hold a valid driver’s license (not an IDL) issued by a competent authority of any country outside India, you are eligible to apply for a local license to drive a car or motorcycle. The written part of the exam is obligatory but the actual driving part of the test will (sometimes) not be required for the issuance of an Indian driver’s license if you already have a license in your home country. The written part of the test is fairly straightforward and only concerns identifying signs–you can obtain a study guide by walking in to any RTO.

Obtaining an Indian License

If you plan to reside in India and do not have a valid international driving permit, you must apply for local license to drive a car or motorcycle. The process of obtaining an Indian license is the same for both IDL and non-IDL holders.

You will have to register with a driving school or an RTO (Regional Transport Office) to get a license. Enroling with a school is easier as they will make all the driving test arrangements for you.

Stage 1: You will first be given a Learner’s License upon submitting the following document:

  • Proof of Residence: A lease agreement or utility bill.
  • Three Passport-size photos.

Stage 2: After one month, you can apply for a permanent license. You will be tested on your drivinig skills by a certified person from the RTO and given a simple quiz about the traffic signs used in India.

RTO Offices in New Delhi

1) Regional Transport Authority Office,
Sarai Kale Khan, Hazrat Nizamuddin,
Phone: 2435-1100

2)Regional Transport Authority Office,
ISBT, U.P. Border, Anand Vihar, Laxmi Nagar
Phone: 2214-1121

3) Regional Transport Office
#5/9, Rajpur Road,
Under Hill Road, Civil Lines
Phone: 2392-4924

Recommended Driving Schools

1) Maruti Driving School is a national chain of driving schools set up Maruti Suzuki to promote safe driving. It has state-of-the art facilities, very well-trained instructors and simulators for safe learning. You can read more about them at their website They have two training centers in Delhi

  • Maruti Suzuki Driving Academy near ISBT, Sarai Kale Khan. [Phone: 011-24353541]
  • Maruti Driving School, Apra Auto (I) Pvt Ltd, IDC, Gurgaon [Phone: 0124- 4267001]

2) Kukreja Driving School (J Block Market, saket) is another driving school that can also help you get a driver’s license. Phone : 29551640

3) However, if you are interested in finding a driving school close to your residence, you can refer to this list featuring various driving schools around Delhi :