TV Communication Guide

Public Channels

There are a few free public channels available on the government network, Doordarshan. However, usually only one or two English channels are provided, which are locally edited and programmed.

Cable Television Network

Cable TV subscription is extremely cheap in India. For about Rs 500 you can get over 100 cable and satellite channels (sports, news and entertainment) through your local cable TV network. The local cable TV provider will ask for an initial installation fee that varies from one one locality to the other, so check with your neighbours what is the usual fee charged in your area. Your house-owner should be able to provide you information on the local cable operators who provide the services, and have the best reputation as service standards can vary greatly, in your area. Your house-owner will probably give you a phone number and the provider will come to your house to install the service.

To see a comprehensive list of cable providers in New Delhi, check out this link:

Caution: Sometimes due to technical issues some channels are removed without prior information.

DTH providers

There are many direct-to-home (DTH) satellite TV service operators in New Delhi. The best part is that you can actually choose which channels you would like to watch. Most of the DTH providers are pre-paid providers (you choose the type of connection you want and you are charged Rs 30 per channel a month). The equipment is installed on your premises and a monthly fee is charged.

Required documents:

  • Public and Cable television: No documents
  • For DTH providers: Identity proof, PAN card and Residence proof.