Baby Sitters in Delhi

Indians usually do not leave children with babysitters, instead, extended family and in-laws help raise children. However, working mothers in nuclear families are increasingly starting to leave their children at day care centres and enrolling the help of nannies. If you have small children you could consider hiring a full-time nanny. It is good idea to network with locals and see if anyone comes highly recommended.

You could also try forming a group with the moms of children of similar ages, so that when need be one of the moms can take care of all the children and the favour can be returned by everyone else in the group as well, one by one.

To engage a reliable baby sitter, ask around in your expat group or neighbourhood. You can also contact Domestic Staff Registry (DSR) located on the grounds of the AWA office. It is open to all expatriates (for a small fee of INR 200) and free to all AWA members. The DSR maintains files containing the work histories of cooks, housekeepers, ayahs, babysitters and drivers looking for employment. You can interview qualified candidates every Friday at their office. [Phone 2419 8509]

The wages for a babysitter vary according to her experience and the amount of time she works for you. It can range from Rs 100 per day to Rs 5000 per month for a nanny who speaks English and comes everyday or works as a live-in maid.

Some of the websites/forums where you can look for baby sitter are: