Odd Jobs Guide Beijing

There are no official English-speaking options for hiring someone to do odd-jobs around the house. You may be able to find someone advertising through the classifieds of local expat magazines and respective websites. However, the best way to go about finding someone for odd-jobs is through word-of-mouth. Another possible option is to ask your ayi. They can be good sources for finding help for jobs around the house since they likely have a network of friends and relatives in their own communities. Ayis are also often tasked with dealing with plumbers, electricians, and the like because of language barriers. Many families depend on their ayis to make all the necessary arrangements and act as the point of contact since they will likely know and understand what needs to be repaired around the house.

Most expats, however, live in international housing and will likely have a maintenance department they can call when they need help. This service is often included in the maintenance fee that landlords pay. However, because the maintenance workers will likely only speak Chinese, communication can still be a challenge.