How well do you know Sydney? Take our quiz to find out.

1. Whom is Sydney named after?

2. What is Chiko Roll in Sydney?

3. Who designed the Sydney Opera House?

4. In which area in Sydney did the convicts first settle?

5. What can be found on Dixon Street in Sydney?

6. What is Sydney’s tallest structure?

7. Where can you find the El Alamein fountain in Sydney?

8. The Penal Colony of New South Wales established by the arrival of the first fleet in?

9. Due to pressure from the citizens of Sydney, England stoped the transport of prisoners in?

10. Sydney Harbor Bridge was completed and opened in?

11. The Sydney Opera House opens its doors in?

12. The summer Olympics were held in Sydney in?

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Five top tips

01Consider your commute when choosing where to live. Look for convenient access to roads or public transport.
02Entry to public schools is determined by where you live, so you'll need to base your housing search on the school's district.
03Secondhand shopping for furniture, household items and other necessities is very popular. Garage sales and online classifieds can reduce your costs.
04Sydney can be overwhelming and joining a local community group will help you meet people and make friends with common interests.
05Overseas calling cards are the most economical way to talk with friends and family back home. You can talk for less than .05c a minute with some cards

Interesting fact

When the Sydney Harbour Bridge was first built they had to paint in grey because no other color was available in such high quantities.