South Korea

How well do you know Seoul? Take our quiz to find out.

1. Which river divides Seoul?

2. What does Seoul’s Lotus Lantern Festival celebrate?

3. In Seoul, what piece of classical music plays when a train needs to be cleaned?

4. What is the name of Seoul’s international airport?

5. How many administrative divisions are there in Seoul?

6. Which of these is not a museum in Seoul?

7. How many subway lines are there on the Seoul underground?

8. Seoul station was opened as Gyeongseong Station in?

9. Seoul hosted the Summer Olympics in?

10. The city was officially named Seoul in?

11. Seoul hosted the football world cup in?

12. Seoul’s Namdaemum gate was set alight by a disgruntled Korean in?

13. When dining with a Korean you should always refuse the offer of a second helping?

14. When offered a drink from a superior you should maintain eye contact as you drink from the glass?

15. In Seoul you should never leave chopsticks sticking out of a bowl?

16. Spitting in the halls of buildings and on the underground is not uncommon?

17. When pointing out something or someone you should try to avoid pointing with your finger?

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Five top tips

01Learn Hangul. You don’t have to become fluent in Korean, but learning the Korean alphabet will make your life much easier.
02Keep in mind that most Koreans have never traveled outside their own country, which will account for a lot of the misunderstandings expats encounter.
03As an expat, Itaewon will offer foods you wouldn't otherwise find in Seoul, and it truly is the central hub for expats living in Seoul.
04Travel around Korea. It still has plenty to offer - stunning ocean views, excellent hiking, crazy food and fabulous cities.
05Meet lots of expats, but be sure to make Korean friends as well; these are the people who will bring you closer to secrets Seoul has to offer.

Interesting fact

Only about 2% of the population in Seoul consists of foreigners.