South Korea

From the contagious vitality of the capital city of Seoul, to the tall peaks of Baekdudaegan, the centuries-old temples of the Hwaeom sect and the ancient capitals of Gyeongju and Buyeo, South Korea is one of Asia’s true treasures.

Although a relatively small country in comparison to its neighbors China and Japan, South Korea certainly punches above its weight when it comes to culture and dramatic natural beauty. From the fascinating Neolithic sites to the immense limestone caves, the beautiful beaches to the magnificent waterfalls, the unspoiled fishing villages to the ancient towns, the immense national parks to the verdant valleys—South Korea is an immeasurably rewarding place in which to live and work.

Expatriates living in South Korea will benefit from the best of many worlds. While the modern cities will offer a comfortable and pleasant standard of living, expats will also be presented with plenty of opportunity to enjoy both the classical traditions and quirky idiosyncrasies that accompany life in this part of Asia. As a country that is yet to attract foreigners in their swathes, expatriates in this neck of the woods are a visible minority and this brings with it a rare opportunity to truly experience living as a foreigner in a new land.

If you’re considering relocating to South Korea, try and learn the language, familiarize yourself with the culture and etiquette, study the history, get to know the geography and be prepared to leave your comfort zone and preconceptions behind. Our expatriate guide to life in South Korea contains everything you need to know to unlock much of the mystery behind the Korean system and make the most of your time in Seoul.

Avoid the culture shock and embrace what’s on offer with the Expatriate Info Desk.

Make sure you visit the Seoul Expat City Destination Guide for more detailed information.

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