Odd Jobs Guide

For odd jobs like plumbing and electricity, you can speak to your neighborhood store that specializes in that specific line of business. Friends, neighbors and your concierge/guardien(ne) are good sources for referrals. In addition, you can try the following resources. You will be able to find people who, in addition to plumbing and electricity jobs and the positions listed above, can assemble IKEA furniture, help you with a move, and perform small jobs around the house. Keep in mind, that individuals who offer their services through these avenues may or may not have legal status to work in France. And do not forget that for services rendered in your home, you may be able to use your Chèques Emploi which may allow you tax benefits at the end of the fiscal year. (See the Babysitters section for more information.)

  • FUSAC and http://www.fusac.com; It costs more to list online, so there are usually more advertisements in the publication itself.
  • http://www.craigslist.org has a household category where handymen and femmes de ménage list their services and a childcare category as well.
  • The bulletin board at the American Church also sometimes has advertisements and postings for these positions.
  • http://www.angloinfo.com also gives referrals for odd jobs, femmes de ménage, and childcare.
  • Local boulangeries and the smaller supermarkets often have community bulletin boards where people list their services and numbers.

One agency to consider is:

  • Home Market Services, http://www.home-market-services.com, offers services ranging from cleaning and ironing, childcare, and handyman services. They have an English-version website.