New York City


How well do you know New York City? Take our quiz to find out.

1. New York’s financial centre is known as?

2. What is the official residence of the Mayor of New York called?

3. After which president is New York’s main airport named?

4. What is the red granite obelisk in Central Park of New York called?

5. About how many islands does New York City consist of?

6. Which of New York’s buildings is regarded as the world’s first skyscraper?

7. What are the names of the marble statue lions that can be found outside the New York Public Library?

8. New York was discovered by Hudson in?

9. The New York Draft Riots occurred in?

10. The New York Stock Market crashed with major economic effect throughout the world in?

11. The Empire State Building was built in?

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Two top tips

01Join The Parents League, allied to 300 independent schools it has information on the availability of places private schools in the city.
02Humidifiers are invaluable during the winter in New York City, as the powerful heating both dries out your body and the furniture in your apartment.

Interesting fact

Approximately 4.9 million people use New York’s subway on a daily basis. It runs 26 routes with 6,200 subway cars that stop at 468 different subway stations.