The Beating Heart of Mother Russia

As Russia’s largest city, with over twelve million people calling the capital their home, Moscow is often described as a place that epitomizes the best and worst of modern-day Russia. Its fascinating history, which instills both sentimentality and memories of the tyranny of the former regime, tells the story of democracy and communism, poverty and prosperity, repression and freedom and joy and suffering. It is a capital city unlike any other in the world, which fuses both splendor and unsightliness in an intriguing and mesmerizing manner.

Expatriates who arrive in Moscow for the first time will be struck by vibrant commotion of everyday. On face value the city is almost chaotic, with traffic-packed thoroughfares, glittering shop fronts and avenues crowded with Muscovites who are seemingly in a desperate rush to get somewhere. However, there is peace to be found in this thriving city and those who step off the beaten track will find the true soul of Russia in many of the iconic buildings, sights and cultural activities. From the inimitable wonders of the Bolshoi Ballet to the opulent underground railway stations, the 400-year-old Novodevichy Convent and extensive Kuskovo Estate to the grand colorful domes of the Kremlin, Moscow is stuffed full of hidden riches that are just waiting to be discovered.

There is no doubt that Moscow has a brash and flashy side and those looking for an all-night-party will not be disappointed. However, such an exuberant lifestyle involves the need for copious amounts of cash and many of the clubs and bars are reserved purely for the big spenders. As one of the most expensive cities in the world, expatriates living here will need a deep wallet and be prepared to face a cost of living that is frequently named as the highest in the world.

What’s the draw?

  • An energetic city that is quite unlike anything else on earth.
  • A chance to experience a unique and fascinating culture.
  • A small, but tight-knit expatriate community.

Live there:

Whatever questions you might have about living in Moscow, our expatriate relocation guide is just what you need. Containing extensive information on housing, schools, legal necessities, immigration, food, socializing and much more, it will help you to settle in and enjoy living in Moscow.

  • The Expat Info Desk guide to living in Moscow contains practical advice on how to rent or buy a home for a variety of needs and budgets. Whether it’s an apartment in Patryarshy Ponds, a mansion in Chystye Prudy or a Stalin period building in the Tretyakov Gallery Area, you can gain the full lowdown on what to expect and how to negotiate a contract.
  • Practical information that will help you to take the fastest route through the bureaucracies, inefficiencies, and corruption that are still widespread throughout the city.
  • Information about the culture, traditions, and mindset of the Russian people that will help you to fit in and connect with those around you.

Immerse yourself in the mysteries of the Russian Soul with the Expat Info Desk guide to living in Moscow.

Interesting fact

Moscow occupies more than 1,000 square kilometers. The boundary of the city corresponds to the Moscow Ring Road, which is situated at 15-17 k.m from the city center. The city extends for 42 k.m from the North to the South and for 35 k.m from East to West.