Guide on Taxi in Hanoi

Taxis are metered, and much cheaper than in most metropolises–$3-10 will generally get you anywhere in town, though prices will be higher during rush hour, when trips take longer. Drivers are generally courteous and reliable, but don’t expect a taxi driver to speak any English beyond “Hello” and “Thank you.” Because Vietnamese can be phonetically confusing (“Trang” in Vietnamese is pronounced “Chiang”), it will be helpful to have your destination address written down, at least until you have a handle on the language.

Taxis display their company on the door panels and have plastic signs affixed to their roofs. You’ll see them everywhere–in fact, there are probably more taxis in Hanoi than private cars. A red “available” light will be lit up on the windshield if a taxi is free, but a free taxi may pull up to you before you’ve even had a chance to see it coming. In town, you can generally hail a cab faster than you can call one, but if you are out late, have a plane to catch, or live far from a main road you may wish to call one of the following companies (there is no call charge added to the fare). English-speaking operators are available:

Hanoi Taxi

Tel: 043 853 5353

Airport Taxi

Tel: 84 912 881 885

City Taxi

Tel: 043 822 2222

From the airport, taxis are a flat rate of about $15 anywhere in town.

*Please see the next section for information on Hanoi’s moto-taxis