Home Furnishing Guide Hanoi

Reasonably-priced rattan, wrought-iron and wood furniture is easily found in Hanoi, and bamboo tables, chairs and beds are popular with many locals and expats. There is not much in the way of second-hand markets, though furniture sometimes comes up often on the classified page of the New Hanoian website (http://newhanoian.xemzi.com). Many shops can make furniture from photos or from your own designs. The following places have better styles and selections than you’ll find at any of the shopping centers:

Huong Bich

Bamboo beds, chairs, tables, lamps and more at good prices.

431 Kim Ma, Tel: 043 846 0439

Image Group

Modern office and home furniture with a large catalog to choose from—or make your own designs. Prices comparable to western countries.

17 To Ngoc Van, Tel: 04 719 4375

Dome Interiors

Attractive, contemporary furniture and décor, high-end prices.

10 Yen The, Tel: 043 843 6063