Department Stores and Shopping Centers in Hanoi

Big C

Big C is the biggest department store in Hanoi, approximating a Target store in the States or a Carrefour in Europe. It has everything from clothes to home electronics and functions as a supermarket as well. Prices are good, but Big C is geared towards Vietnamese customers, so clothes and shoes may not be available in western sizes. The store can be mobbed with shoppers, and the best time to shop is during the siesta hours between 12 and 2.

Located at the corner of Tran Duy Hung and Pham Hung, about 8 kilometers southwest of the Old Quarter.

Vincom City Towers

This may be the best shopping center in Hanoi, and it’s also the most expensive. Retail shops sell imported name-brand clothes and shoes, as well as furniture, jewelry, cosmetics and household electronics. The Citimart supermarket here has the broadest selection of imported foods, wines and beers in town. Vincom City Towers is the closest you’ll get to one-stop shopping in Hanoi.

191 Ba Trieu Street

Hanoi Towers

This is a smaller, up-market shopping center near the Old Quarter. In addition to a well-stocked Citimart supermarket, it boasts a number of boutique clothing shops, a couple of golf shops, hair salons and travel agents. This is an upscale shopping center with prices to match.

49 Hai Ba Trung Street