Appliances and Electronics

Appliances and electronics are often significantly cheaper in Vietnam than in the West—shops have a lower overhead than dealers in the States or Europe, and many products are produced regionally.

Vincom City TowersHanoi Towers and Big C (see the “Shopping Center” section of this guide) all carry household appliances, but the main location for electronics is the row of shops on Hai Ba Trung Street, at the intersection with Trang Thi Street—here there are two solid blocks of shops specializing in TVs, DVD players, stereos, air-conditioners, fans, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, and other appliances. These shops always have a designated English-speaker to deal with any Westerners who happen by, but if you want to ask detailed questions or negotiate a deal, it’s best to have a local friend or colleague along who speaks Vietnamese.

Three additional options include:

  • LG showroom: 92 Hai Ba Trung
  • Philips Outlet: 29 Nguyen Thai Hoc
  • Nguyen Kim: 10B Trang Thi


Thuoc Bac Street in the Old Quarter has an extensive variety of shops selling tools and hardware supplies, including electric drills, saws, hammers, nails and screws, wire, door handles and much more. These goods are often a fraction of the cost you may expect to pay, but the quality sometimes leaves much to be desired. These shops mostly serve local workers and builders, so don’t expect any English ability here–it can be helpful to write down the Vietnamese word for anything you need in case it’s not readily displayed.