Tax Advisors & Accountants:

Tax advisors, financial advisors and accountants do have an important role to pay despite the lack of taxation in Dubai. Most expatriates plan, at some point, to return to their home country and the money they take back with them may be taxable. As tax laws change from country to country and depend on many variables such as the source of your income, how long you have been a non-resident, and how and when you return, you may need to seek advice from an accountant or financial advisor well before you plan to go back. Make sure the advisor you choose is familiar with the tax laws in your home country.

Licensed financial advisors in Dubai:

Acuma Wealth Management
Tel: 04 332 8582

Continental Financial Services
Tel: 04 335 3433

Financial Consultancy Services Company
Tel: 04 266 3313 / 04 297 2222
Email: /

Tel: 04 348 9330

Hoborn Assets
Tel: 04 336 9880

Mondial (Dubai) L.L.C.
Tel: 04 331 0524

PIC (DeVere)
Tel: 04 343 3878

Synergy Financial L.L.C.
Tel: 04 343 1300