Resource Websites – Dubai

Resource websites for Expats, which can help them to find resources in Dubai.

Useful Government Websites
This government portal was created to ‘ease the lives of people and businesses interacting with the government and contribute in establishing Dubai as a leading economic hub.’ It offers a range of information and e-services for citizens, residents, visitors and businesses. For any dealings with government offices or departments, this site should be your first stop. Interestingly, the most common service that people access on the portal relate to traffic fines.
These sites provide you with a detailed map of the city. They are not printable but allow you to explore the city in detail on your computer. Find buildings and plan your routes. The map is detailed enough for you zoom in to find your house or zoom out to see the whole city.

Expat Websites
This site provides a forum for expats to share information and advice. Everything question you have will probably have been answered somewhere in the popular discussion boards. Despite the name, men have been known to benefit from the information in the site as well.

City Guides
This comprehensive site is run by the popular weekly magazine of the same name. It provides guides and reviews to everything in the city. It contains an up-to-date directory of everything you need. It also has news and updates about current activities for young and old alike.

This site is as popular for its discussion board as for its classified ads. It advertises everything from jobs and property to cars and second-hand furniture. If you are new to Dubai, this site will probably become one of your favorites.
The UAE’s equivalent to eBay sells everything you could possibly imagine. As well as allowing you to cheaply purchase the basics, it also offers many unique gems including antiques, art and collectibles.

More than just a newspaper, the Gulf News has a large classified section. If you want to find property, buy a new car, or look for a job, this site will give you access to thousands of ads. It also reports changes to laws which affect expats. A quick search on the site will give you access to the most up-do-date information.

For those with children, this site provides detailed information to help you find what you need and settle in.
Unlike some other blog sites in Dubai (most noticeably, this site manages to stay on the right side of the censors. If you want the real lowdown of what life is like in Dubai and what’s really happening in the city, then read the postings and the comments.