Public Bus in Delhi

Public bus service is an economical way of traveling around Delhi. However, the buses are not comfortable by Western standards—they are usually overcrowded with little room to sit and can get very hot in summers.

The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is the city’s major bus service provider. Its vast network connects almost every part of Delhi, the most prominent being the Ring Road and the Outer Ring Road services that interconnect all parts of the city until about 10:30 p.m. With the introduction of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, DTC has launched Metro Feeder Buses that connect commuters in areas surrounding the metro stations.

Delhi Transport Corporation has started High Capacity Bus Service on a few routes and work is in progress to develop more high capacity bus routes. This service uses Air Conditioned Low Floor Buses with improved carrying capacity and better facilities like GPS navigation, air-conditioning, less travel time, less congestion and comfortable interiors. Check the time table and routes of these buses at

Most city guidebooks also carry information bus routes for reaching the tourist places within Delhi.

Buses cannot be waved down and it is not possible to transfer from bus to bus using the same ticket. You are expected to board from the front and exit from the back, but very few people follow this rule. You are expected to pay the fare to the bus conductor (who travels in the bus) at the start of your journey. Fares vary depending on the distance travelled, starting at Rs.3. He can give you change if you don’t have the exact fare. To signal your stop, you’ll need to inform the conductor or simply stand by the exit and make a loud noise. If you are a frequent traveler on any route, you can opt for a bus pass. Download the pass from: